Men & flowers: meet John

Men talk about their love for flowers

John is a jack of all trades. At the moment he works as an IT consultant, but in the past he owned a flower shop. His girlfriend’s delighted - she thinks it’s brilliant that the man of the house uses his creative spirit to brighten their home.

Father's Day

“My Father brought the flowers for my mother. She used three different bunches of flowers to create a skilfully crafted bouquet and a number of smaller bunches. They were then displayed on the dining table and elsewhere in the house. As a teenager I loved watching my mother sort the stems to make a new creation. I definitely got my creative streak from her.”

“My girlfriend thinks it’s sexy when I make a bouquet.”

“At home I’m the person who buys flowers. I prefer to buy separate bunches to make a bouquet for the dining table myself - just like my mother! My girlfriend loves watching me do that.  A house isn’t alive without flowers. I think it’s essential for a cosy home.”

But it’s not just his own home that John likes to brighten up with flowers. “I like to bring flowers when we go round to see friends. It’s great to turn up for dinner with a bunch of tulips, although I admit I wouldn’t give a man a bunch of flowers so readily. But why not? You’re still inclined to give them a bottle of booze. I might give it a try - see how they react!”

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