Men & flowers: meet Joey

Men talk about their love for flowers

Joey lives in a house full of women. He and his girlfriend and two young daughters live in the city, near the woods. Here they discover new species of flowers and get inspiration for their home, which looks like it has stepped out of the pages of an interiors magazine. Naturally flowers are a key part of the look! 

Father's Day

With all those ladies around it’s no surprise that a lot of attention is paid to aesthetics. But the man of the house, Joey, also has an eye for detail. He needs it in his work as a photographer and videomaker and those details don’t occur sporadically, but continuously. “We have a subscription with a local florist for a fortnightly bouquet. Only then does our home feel complete. I prefer to see an exciting bouquet with different varieties and colours of flowers.”

There are divided opinions amongst the family on what the most beautiful flower is. Maybe the dramatic peony, or possibly a fragile little flower? Almost all flowers are welcome, as are all colours. Some flowers don’t make the big vase, and my daughters are then delighted to have them in a small glass on the bedside table. “We live just by the woods, and like to go for walks there at the weekend all year round. We regularly pick flowers that are on display alongside the path and it’s good to see that my daughters also show a real interest in the flower itself. Our youngest daughter used to be a little clumsy, but she’s learnt that she has to be gentle. All the plants and flowers in our home are now stroked by gentle girls’ hands. That encourages them to bloom even more beautifully.”

“The flowers in our home are now stroked by gentle girls’ hands.”

“There’s almost always a botanical element in the shoots that I do. It changes the image from a plastic shot into a photo that comes to life. We even have flowers and plants everywhere on our roof terrace. That makes it feel very welcoming, especially for visitors.”

“I like to give my girlfriend peonies, because she loves them, and I prefer giving flowers spontaneously. I really can’t remember the last time that I gave a rose for Valentine’s Day. I’d be unlikely to give a bunch of flowers to a man. Why not? Good question. No idea. You’re still inclined to bring something else to a dinner party and I do love flowers myself so I’ll have to give it a go some time!”

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Celebrate Father’s Day with flowers