The golden chrysanthemum of happiness

The Chrysanthemum

From golden yellow to bronze red, deep orange to soft pink, white or purple: the chrysanthemum brings colour to your home.

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Pixel Vases from Julian Bond on Julian F. Bond

Pixel vases

Whilst a beautiful flower arrangement willl always be the star of a room, there's something rather special about finding a creative vase to give the blooms an extra special display.

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Win a bar of Artisan du Chocolat Carnation and Orange chocolate
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Win: Floral chocolate

Win a bar of Carnation and Orange Milk Chocolate bar from Artisan du Chocolat!



Celebrate Indian Summer with Chrysanthemum

Floral confetti made of flowers on Shropshire Petals

Floral Confetti

Your magical wedding day should be filled with as much beauty as possible.

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Vincent van Gogh, Sunflowers 1888 NG3863Copyright: National Gallery, London

Van Gogh's Sunflowers

With striking yellow petals and a large seed head, sunflowers can easily become the focal point of a r

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True blue flowers on

Truly blue

Blue isn't a colour regularly seen in florists around the country, but at this time of year there are

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Floral fabrics on Katherine Lawson

Floral fabrics

There's nothing better than filling your home with fresh flowers and with these floral fabrics you can

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Terracotta Vases on GARDENIAS

Terracotta vases

Now that summer's well and truly arrived it's the perfect time to think about creating outdoor floral

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