Party? Complete your outfit with Living Jewels

Vanda orchid as a delightful accessory

The thinking behind Living Jewels is the creation of a piece of jewellery from a living flower. With a Living Jewel you can wear a Vanda orchid as a brooch or headband, which will look stunning at a party or wedding.

Living Jewels: this is how it works

You don’t go to a jeweller for a Living Jewel, but ask your florist who can order them for you. Vanda’s are available in blue-purple, dark purple, yellow, red, pink and white, as well as others, so plenty of colours to choose from. The florist will make the Living Jewel from the flower and a sealable tube with water. When it has been attached to the special Living Jewels pin or headband, it is ready to wear. You have never been ready so quickly for a party! There is actually enough water in the tube to enjoy your orchid for four days.

Take a look at the Living Jewel video:

Want to know more about Living Jewels?

For more information about these unique jewels see the Living Jewels website.

Photo credit: Rayzor Sharp Photography
Video credit: Vanda by Anco