Press and frame your flowers

Create lasting memories of the season
Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

Save the memories of the summer by pressing and framing plants that remind you of a lovely memory. A sprig of lavender may remind you of that sunny road trip south, driving with the windows open, the whole car filled with the smell of this wonderful plant. Maybe you picked astrantia in a meadow during a lovely picnic, where you spotted it growing on the edge of the field in the shade. The ragwort in your own backyard filled the garden with colour during the summer months. And a beautiful red rose is a souvenir of your holiday romance. You’re bound to have pressed flowers as a child. Take a moment to read these instructions, to remember how to do it.

Press and frame your flowers

Firstly make sure the plant or flower you want press is not too thick. Place the plants and flowers between the pages of a weighted book: ideally a beautiful old botanical encyclopaedia for the sake of romance. Leave the plant or flower to press for at least 3 weeks. Check its progress, and if the plant or flower is not properly pressed, place between two clean pages of the book and put the project at the back of your mind. The next time you remember to look, they will have turned out beautifully.

On the wall or on the dresser

Place the finished product in a beautiful frame or a glass case. One glance at it will take you back in time, and you may even be able to conjure up the scent of the memories.


Sourcing the flowers

You can get your favourite flowers from the florist or online, the glass box at, the golden scissors are available online at A-La, you can find a secondhand book at a bookshop or at, and you can get the frame from