We wish you a very berry Christmas!

Will it be yellow, red, orange or pink?

We can’t imagine Christmas without berries, but how do you keep it a bit cool, modern and original? Like this: just take a new slant on Christmas traditions.

How to create an IleXmas!

Ilex is a botanical beauty which is becoming ever more popular. Fairly straight branches densely packed with colourful berries; you can use it to quickly create something unique that is still totally natural. For the Christmas garland, hang a few yellow branches in a vase together with Euphorbia millii, also known as the Christ plant. It's a really simple way to bring the festive spirit into your home in a new way. 

Ilex and the fastest DIY project ever

If your tastes are more restrained or you just don’t have much time for crafting, you can use ilex (by the way, did you know that it’s just holly without the leaves?) to create something as beautiful as this in just 26 seconds. Grab a clear vase, place three branches with bright red berries in it to adopt a minimalist expression, and you’re done.

Ilex Kerst Mooiwatbloemendoen


Berry Christmas everybody!

If you still want to create a real classic Christmas atmosphere, opt for red berries which are so Christmassy on their own that you could easily skip the tree altogether. As beautiful as it may be, definitely don't eat the berries or let your pets near them to keep the festive cheer alive!

Berry Chriatmas Mooiwatbloemendoen