Bathing with a rose

Retire to the bathroom for a floral experience

The rays of sunshine that warmed your skin have been replaced by a raincoat. Your flip-flops have made way for wellingtons, and the last bit of summer tan is gradually disappearing from your cheeks. Autumn is here. But that doesn’t mean that we stop looking after ourselves properly. With these floral products and bath time rituals you can turn your bathroom into an amazing spa to bring you through the autumn radiant and relaxed. 

Bathing with a rose

It smells of roses, rinses the stress from your body and the packaging is a treat too. These Hopscotch Nourish Bath Salts contain Dead Sea salt, rose petals, calendula and heather and help to keep your skin hydrated. A handful of bath salts in the water and soak away. In addition, this natural product has not been tested on animals and is handmade in a studio in London. 

Or make your own bath bombs

Bath bombs let you turn your own bathroom into a five-star spa. The bath balls with rose petals and lavender not only look fantastic, but allow you to immerse yourself in some aromatherapy. You can make them yourself - take a look:

How to make floral bath bombs.

Foot bath with roses

Treat your feet with a foot bath

Perhaps you don’t have a bath, or you lack the patience. A foot bath made from roses will treat your feet whilst you watch TV or fold the laundry. One side-effect may be that you feel like a little lie-down on a bed of roses.

How to make the rose footbath.