DIY: Alliums as a centrepiece

A cheerful scene
Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

As we're sure you already know, Allium is a member of the onion family. What better flower, therefore, to admire while eating a cosy outdoor lunch? These easy-to-make centrepieces have a true touch of originality, and they fit perfectly with the style trend of the moment, Bright & Breezy.

Allium als centerpiece
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You will need

  • Allium
  • Some of your other favourite flowers
  • Artificial fruit
  • Pretty baskets or dishes

How to make it

Imagine organising a delicious lunch for your besties, either in a beautifully green garden or in a sunny indoor room if it's still too cold to eat outdoors. You'll decorate with a striped tablecloth, brightly coloured chairs and soft cushions - a perfect example of the Bright & Breezy style trendA centrepiece with Allium completes the picture. 

Fill baskets with ornamental flowers. Want to make sure they stay beautiful for as long as possible? Consider placing them in a dish with a shallow layer of water, or placing them in reusable flower tubes. Fill the gaps in between with some of the other flowers from this style trend, or simply some of your favourite blooms such as the peony!

A brightly coloured home

Got the taste for colour and keen to give your home a cheerful party atmosphere? Check out the Bright & Breezy style trend and get cracking. Be inspired by this season, with all its delicious food and fun DIYs. Need more inspiration? Follow us on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram and share your floral inspiration with the hashtag #funnyhowflowersdothat.