DIY: Christmas table flower arrangement extravaganza

Showstopper for Christmas dinner

With this Christmas table flower arrangement extravaganza, you'll have a real showstopper on your table with instant Christmas vibes guaranteed. You can make it yourself or ask your favourite florist to make it for you. 

DIY: kersttafel bloemstuk extravaganza
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you will need

how to make it

This isn't necessarily the best floral arrangement for beginners, so if you don't have much experience with arranging flowers, ask if your florist can make one for you. This one was made by florist A.P Bloem from Amsterdam. Still want to do it yourself? Of course you can!

Cut the oasis into an oblong shape. Are you using Spaghnum moss? Then roll it in chicken wire and secure tightly. Water the shape so that it is sufficiently moist. After this, you can poke the stems of the flowers into the oasis/moss.

Make sure you have a nice distribution of colour, shape and height. Do you want to keep the shape very organic or very tight? Do you also stick in a Christmas bauble or two, and a spruce branch, or do you stick just to flowers?

Slowly but surely, the flower arrangement will take shape. Clear the table as much as possible so you can place the flower arrangement in the centre of the table. Wow! What a showstopper. 

DIY: kersttafel bloemstuk extravaganza


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