DIY: a floating table decoration with underwater flowers

With a floating candle for extra romance

During December, we light a lot of candles. It's good to create extra light for yourself at this time of year to keep the dark and cold away. Here, we show you how to create your own special light with the help of flowers!

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you will need

  • Water glass
  • Distilled water
  • Flowers such as rose, gerbera, calla or anthurium
  • Branches from the Christmas tree
  • Floating candle

how to make it

Clean the glasses well with washing up liquid, then fill them with distilled water. This will keep the water in the vase clear for longer. The flowers stay beautiful longer and distilled water prevents air bubbles from forming.

Cut or trim the stem short at the bud, then drop them into the water. Is your glass starting to fill up nicely? Then add a floating candle as well, and light it with the help of a long match or lighter. Your DIY is ready!

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