DIY: a special setting for the most beautiful red roses

Fairytale beauty

Who doesn’t love red roses? We get it. Luckily you really don’t need to wait for Valentine’s Day before you can buy red roses - or receive them! Visit your florist and your craft shop to create a special setting for your favourite red roses. 

DIY: a special setting for the most beautiful red roses

What you need:        

  • Thick cardboard

  • Oasis ball

  • Knife, scissors, ruler, glue gun

  • Bowl

  • Roses 

  • Moss

  • Leaves of magnolia grandiflora

How to make it

Step 1

Cut a shape out of thick cardboard inspired by an arch window. 

Step 2

Cut off the bottoms of the leaves so they can be stuck down flat. Then stick them in a very regular pattern on the arch window shape using the glue gun. 

Step 3

Wet the oasis ball and cut a slit in it. Insert the red roses evenly distributed across the entire ball. 

Step 4

Place the arch window with leaves and the ball with roses on the bowl and cover the bottom with moss. 

World to love and keep

When the roses are coming to the end of their life, it would be a shame to throw the whole structure in the recycling bin. All you need to replace is the ball with red roses. Will you opt for the same look, or choose another colour? Enjoy your crafting!