Immortalise flowers in resin

Flowers that stand the test of time

Flowers and plants don't last forever but if you still want to immortalise one because it represents a good experience or simply because it’s beautiful, you can do so with resin. Create a little work of art to display on your sideboard or as a table centre piece. 


You will need

  • Art resin

  • A mould or an 'easy release’ ice cube tray

  • Piece of plastic

  • Gloves

  • Stirrer

  • Small flowers and leaves

How to make it

You can buy resin online or at a craft store. It's not difficult to use resin but it is a good idea to cover your workspace in plastic first and put gloves on before you start.

First, read the instructions on the packaging. Resin consists of two components, mix them together in equal proportions. Pour into the mould slowly to avoid bubbles. It’s a good idea to pour a thin layer into the bottom of the mould first, place a petal or leaf in each section of the mould and then fill it to the top. Finally, leave it to dry.