Mother’s Day

Floral ideas for wonderful mothers of all kinds

Mother's Day is all about celebrating mothers of all varieties. Whether you want to send a card and flowers to your lovely mum or your fantastic grandma, your foster mother, stepmum or aunt, your friend who just had a baby or any other mother figure in your life, there's an idea for you here. Everyone deserves to be spoiled with flowers on Mother's Day! If you've left finding a gift a little late, your local florist is sure to be happy to help you out. 

Mother's Day
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Mummy dearest

Mother's Day is a moment to surround our mums with flowers. We opted for a bouquet of heart-shaped calla lilies and anthuriums, but you should choose the flowers she likes best. If you need some help choosing which flower you should gift her, take a look at our suggestions of strong flowers for strong mothers. And for those of us who have lost our mums, in whatever sense, a bouquet made in their honour does justice to the memory we carry in our hearts

Say it with flowers

If you'd like to DIY a gift, look no further than our personalised DIY monogrammed flower arrangement - your mother will love it! And for the little ones in your life, why not help them to make child-sized bouquets for them to give to mum?


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