Music to make you bloom!

To add to your playlist

You’re wrapped up all cosy, the heater's on, your hair’s in a knot and there’s cake crumbs round your mouth. What do you need to complete this magical scene? A playlist packed with music to make your feet tap and bring a smile to your face! 


The ideal playlist is one that features all your favourite, un-skippable songs. That can serve both as background music and take centre stage when you crank up the volume. 

Sultry soul and camp dance music

The sultry soul of Etta James or Nina Simone always does the trick for us but we also love the 70s vibe of Earth, Wind & Fire, Marvin Gaye and The Buggles. Prefer something contemporary? Try James Blake, Black Atlass, Matt Corby, Lianna la Havas or Nick Mulvey. 

Scratching on a palm leaf

This brilliant record player from Crosley will instantly create the right mood alongside a colourful collection of indoor and outdoor plants (in hibernation). We’re thinking bougainvilleawinter heathcactus, Chinese money plant, succulent, hearts on a string, spider plant, peace lily and blue star fern. 

Spinning discs with a view of some great green friends and fantastic palm leaves might almost make you think you’re on a tropical desert island. Close your eyes and dream!