Must-have: A carry-on bouquet bag

The cutest accessory for flower lovers by ZARA
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Bringing flowers, either for someone else or yourself, is part of daily life for most of us, correct? What if there was a bag that was specially designed to carefully transport your beloved flowers and match your outfit in a beautiful way? Surprise, there is: ZARA's new flower carrier!

Must-have: carry-on bouquet bag |

Flowers as a part of your dress

Seeing this amazing idea, we couldn't help but fall in love. The design of ZARA's flower carrier fits the form of a bunch of flowers perfectly, helping your hands be free while you're on the road and making the flowers a part of your everyday style. It is available in either a verynatural colour or with gorgeous small flowers in multicolour stitched on the fabric. Both options are made from linen and cotton and, thanks to the neutral design, match most styles.

Dress up yourself with flowers – we believe our city trip bouquet or the colourful arrangement day at the pool would brighten up your summer outfit instantly! This floral must-have bag is available online at ZARA.

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