Tasty treat: candied rose petals

Almost too beautiful to eat!

A summer picnic or a dinner in the garden is only complete when there’s a tasty sweet snack or dessert. Impress your guests with this great-looking treat: candied rose petals. 

You can have these beauties ready and on the table in no time . Buy edible rose petals* online at Maddocks Farm Organics, in the colour of your choice. 

Vijgen en gesuikerde rozenblaadjes

You will need:

  • Edible rose petals* from Maddocks Farm 
  • Egg whites

  • Fine sugar (not icing sugar)

Get to work!

Step 1. Paint egg white on the rose petals with a brush. This can be either fresh egg whites or egg white powder. 

Step 2. Lay the rose petal in a bowl with sugar, and scatter sugar over the top. Any excess sugar will fall off of its own accord. 

Step 3. Heat the oven to its lowest setting, e.g. 35 degrees Celsius, and leave the petals to dry in the oven. Assume it will take an hour, but check the delicate petals regularly.

Step 4. Serve the petals on your home-made cake or cupcakes, or combine with sweet fruits such as cherries and figs as shown in the above picture. Enjoy!

* One more thing
Edible flowers are produced in a special way so that they are suitable for human consumption. The (cut) flowers and plants that you buy in the shops are not suitable for human consumption.