The ultimate creative Valentine's Day bouquet

Let your heart speak through flowers

It's tricky to accurately capture your feelings via the medium of a Valentine's Day gift. You definitely want to avoid cliches and panic-buying the last dented box of chocolates that the supermarket has in stock. This ultimate Valentine's Day bouquet takes the guesswork out of gift-giving. Read on, discover the essentials and surprise your valentine on 14th February with this enchanting bouquet of love.

boeket valentijnsdag | romantisch boeket
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A bouquet for your valentine should be more than a beautiful combination of flowers and plants. It's a tangible symbol of your love and the perfect way to express what's in your heart. You can make your bouquet your very own declaration of love by playing with symbolism, colour and scent.  
In our example, we used the flowers and plants below. Get inspired by our picks, but above all follow your own feelings when composing your love message - or choose simply your valentine's favourite winter flowers.

  • Eucalyptus: with its rustic colour and fresh green fragrance, Eucalyptus adds a touch of tranquillity. Perfect for getting into a relaxed and romantic mood.  
  • Orchid: your valentine is obviously the most beautiful of all. Express this sentiment with the orchid, the symbol of beauty! Moreover, orchids add a luxurious touch to any love bouquet. 
  • Blossom-covered branches: blossom-covered branches symbolise blossoming love, the beginning of something new and hopeful. Perfect if you want to conquer your crush or if you are at the beginning of a new adventure. 
  • Arum: purity and a pure heart. Is that your message that will capture your valentine's heart? Then arum lilies should be your go-to flower.  
  • Lisianthus: with its elegance, charm and subtle, sweet fragrance, lisianthus is a true enhancement to your loving message. 
  • Rose: no Valentine's bouquet is complete without the classic red rose: the universal symbol of love and passion.  
  • King protea: do you feel like royalty with your valentine at your side? The exotic king protea demonstrates that royal status, adds a special touch and symbolises courage and daring.  
  • Lilac: with its enchanting fragrance, lilac represents a generous dose of love and memories of fine moments together. It's rich addition to your Valentine's bouquet! 
  • Waxflower: this bloom symbolises love that keeps on growing, season after season. And with its tiny flowers, waxflower adds extra texture and subtlety to any bouquet.
valentijnsboeket | boeket valentijn | romantisch boeket


It's important to plan your Valentine's Day bouquet and not leave it to the last minute, otherwise your florist may not have the exact blooms you need in stock. Get to planning this special day, and celebrate your love! You could personalise your bouquet further with with a handwritten letter or poem, light some candles, put on your favourite playlist, or get the day off to a romantic start and gift your beloved a bouquet over a homemade Valentine's Day breakfast.


This stunning, thoughtful bouquet will hit the spot if your loved one's love language is receiving gifts. Not sure if that's the correct love language for your boo? Discover the different love languages to give your sweetheart a Valentine's Day they'll never forget. Don't forget to follow us on PinterestInstagram and Facebook for your daily dose of floral inspiration!  

Happy Valentine's Day!