Beginners tips for an Instagram packed with flowers

How to photograph flowers at their best

Thanks to Instagram everyone can now feel like a supermodel. The same goes for fresh flowers. With the right lighting and attitude you can be the next Anton Corbijn, Peter Lindbergh or  Demarchelier of the photography platforms. We’ve got five handy tips:

Beginners tips for an Instagram packed with flowers -

Photograph out of the vase

The natural inclination is to photograph a bouquet in the vase. Try placing the flowers on the ground and photographing the bouquet from above. Wrapped in giftwrap it suddenly looks very special, don’t you think?

Add a living element

A hand placing the last flower in the vase, a dog wandering past, a bouquet the size of a toddler. It lends playfulness your photo, and the living element gives you a clear sense of scale.

Show ugliness

If the worktop is covered in stems, thorns and loose leaves, view this fabulous work of art  from a different perspective. Suddenly the ‘rubbish’ is an abstract expressionist display that begs to be recorded. 

Create order

For flower arranging you sort the flowers by type, colour and size. Can you see how interesting this preparation looks? A colour shift or gradient can also work well, using different carnations or hydrangeas, for example. 

Play with empty space

You can create a very exciting image by showing very little. Use just the left or right bottom corner, with a rose, gerbera or lisianthus peeping in. You fill the rest of the image with fantastic shadows, beams of light and a blurred background. 

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