Natural beauty with roots in the Wild West

A beautiful flower with a beautiful name, that's the lisianthus. Its engaging symbolism of emotions which include gratitude make it the perfect gift.

A beautiful flower with a beautiful name, that is the lisianthus

Colours and shapes

The lisianthus is multifaceted. It comes in white, red, blue, yellow, pink, purple and orange. Some flowers even have petals in multiple colours ... And lisianthus petals are not only colourful, but also very soft and delicate. So handle with care!


The lisianthus appears gentle and cute, but it has a powerful symbolism. This flower represents appreciation, gratitude and charisma. Making it the perfect candidate for a gift bouquet!


The lisianthus originates from North America, where it grows in riverbeds in the desert and prairie. In the states of Texas, Nebraska, Nevada and Colorado this plant is also called the prairie gentian. Although originally an American beauty, the lisianthus's rise to fame really started in Japan. It was Japanese growers who crossbred the prairie gentian in the 1930s. This resulted in today's lisianthus.

Boeketinspiratie met lisianthus Mooiwatbloemendoen.nlBouquet inspiration

You have lots of bouquet options with lisianthus. However you use it, it will bring sunshine into your home, despite the falling leaves outside. Go for a purely natural look by combining pale pink shades of lisianthus with waxflower and thyme. Or go for a full and slightly more robust bouquet by combining various shades of purple lisianthus with white lisianthus. Or how about the sturdy crates in the photo? Place several small crates together and fill them with lisianthus together with Panicum, Hypericum and Bromelia. That creates a powerful look using this tender flower.