Bouquet recipe: Storge, for trusted love

Flowers for the most important people in your life

Do you know about Storge? It is that form of love that you often find in families. This love is the deep bond found between parent and a child, we believe this type of unconditional love needs to be celebrated with a reflective bouquet.

lieflijk boeket

Storge: trusted love

The ancient Greeks distinguish no fewer than eight types of love. Storge is one of them. Storge is a familiar love between people who have a strong bond and feel kinship. This love mainly occurs within families, like a parent's love for a child.

The Storge bouquet

This type of instinctual love calls for a proud bouquet of pink and white flowers. The soft nature of the clouds of gypsophila melds well with anemone, that denotes expectation. A purist display to ensure your child is happy.

What you need


Depending on your area, you can purchase your flowers in-store or online. If you’re purchasing in-store, call your florist ahead and ask them to create a bouquet with our list of ingredients. Alternatively you can also build it yourself with our step-by-step bouquet guide.


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