A bouquet for every type of love

Eight kinds of love according to ancient Greek philosophers

There is not just one type of love. The ancient Greeks realised this early on. They studied the philosophy of love and divided it into eight different notions. Unconditional love that you experience for your child is different to the flirty type that defines the sparks at the beginning of a romantic relationship, the philosophers understood that. So, whichever type of love you want to celebrate on Valentine's Day, we have realised a bouquet for it.

The eight kinds of loves according to the ancient Greeks

Love comes in all shapes and sizes; love for a friend, love for your parents, love for yourself. Greek philosophers Socrates, Plato and Aristotle studied these concepts and discovered the eight forms of love.

We’ve paired each of these types of love with a bouquet, including extraordinary flowers that match how you feel in their colour and atmosphere.

Bouquet Recipe: Philia, for friendly love

Philia: friendly love  

Full of equality and loyalty, this love is non-passionate and honest. We opted for a bouquet with chrysanthemum, gypsophila, gladiolus and anthurium. The bouquet recipe - and more on this love - can be found here.

Bouquet recipe: Storge, for trusted love

Storge: familiar love

Storge is a trusted love between people who have a strong bond and feel kinship. This love mainly occurs within families: think of how a parent feels towards a child. This requires a lovely bouquet with anemone and gypsophila.

Eros boquet

Eros: passionate love

Named after the Greek god of love and fertility, Eros represents romantic, passionate and physical love. Eros is intense and fiery and is the longing that is felt when you can’t quite keep your hands off each other. Find the bouquet that matches this here.

Bouquet recipe: Philautia, for self-love

Philautia: self-love

Don’t forget yourself! Philautia is a healthy dose of self-love. While the Greeks philosophers did not see this love as narcissistic, the daffodil should not be missing in this bouquet recipe, here.

Bouquet recipe: Agape, for universal love

Agape: unconditional love

Agape is the universal love for everything that exists and lives. It's a selfless love that transcends emotions. Our bouquet that includes clematis and delphinium.

Boeketrecept: Mania, voor obsessieve liefde

Mania: obsessive love

Mania is an obsessive form of love. This love is packed with emotions that keep you awake at night. “Enjoy, but use in moderation” is the motto, but a little mania in a relationship can show how important someone is to you. Such love calls for a lavish bouquet full of extraordinary blooms, such as orchid and lily.

Bouquet recipe: Ludus, for playful love

Ludus: Playful love
Ludus is the flirty type love that you often experience at the beginning of a relationship, but Ludus is also the fun you can have with a friend. We’ve reflected the whimsy and sparks in this bouquet.

Bouquet recipe: Pragma, for enduring Love

Pragma: Enduring Love

A mature, enduring love, that's what Pragma is about. Find this type of love between children and parents, but also in loving partners who have been together for years. Our bouquet for this has symbols of commitment.

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