How to get longer enjoyment from your lisianthus

...and your other flowers!
Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

Want to enjoy your lisianthus bouquet for longer? The sachet of powder that you get with your bunch of flowers can help. But what’s actually in it? Allow us to explain, and give you some tips to enjoy your bouquet even longer.

Power food

The sachet of flower food contains a carefully formulated mixture of nutrients which perfectly matches the needs of the flower in its vase, including a type of sugar. This is less surprising that it might seem. If you place your lisianthus bouquet - or other bouquets for that matter - in water, the flowers obviously no longer have any roots. The flowers will no longer draw in nutrient salts. Usually a complicated process converts those nutrient salts into ... sugars. And that’s why the powder contains a form of sugar. Because every flower has a sweet tooth!

Thirsty flowers

But the sachet of powder also contains other things, including a substance which lowers the pH value of the vase water. Of course you always trim a piece off the stem, but reducing the pH value of the water makes it even easier for your flowers to draw up enough water. If the bouquet is full of greedy drinkers, then don’t forget to top the vase up from time to time as well.   

Enjoy even longer!

The correct use of the sachet of flower food will ensure that your flowers bloom beautifully and will maintain their colour and fragrance for longer. But there’s more than you can do. Read these seven tips ; they will help you enjoy your flowers even longer!