The lisianthus behind glass

A jarful of stylish flowers
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You see a lot of them around lately, and they’re a delight: terrariums of all sorts of different styles and sizes. You can create an infinite number of variations and fill them with different palnts (and flowers), but today, it`s all about the lisianthus. 

Ecosystem in a glass jar

A plant terrarium is an open or closed glass container or jar filled with - you guessed it - plants! So no reptiles, but amazing greenery and it`s so easy to make a terrarium yourself. The plants, the moss and the rest of the green oasis combine perfectly with the wonderfully gregarious lisianthus. Get to work straightaway, or be inspired first by the Green Factory in Exposé

Easy underwater

A new take on the terrarium! You can fill an attractive glass jar with cut flowers instead! Pour some water in it so there's just enough to keep your flowers happy and so that the flower heads won't be submerged. Cut the lisianthuses stems short (to fit) and place them in the glass jar. Allowing the flowers to rest against the glass wall ensures that they remain upright and on show. Place a lid on the jar for the perfect finish and admire your masterpiece!