The best tulip vases

A list of six showpieces
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Not all flowers have their own vase, but the tulip does. This enthusiast can easily grow another couple of centimetres in the vase. That’s something to take into account if you want to enjoy your bouquet for a long time. We’ve shared our favourite tulip vases here. 

The best tulip vases

Tulip vases, or floral pyramids, have long been designed more as a showpiece than as an actual vase. Delft’s answer to the Chinese Ming vase, in other words. Lovers of grotesque porcelain can get their fill in a host of museums, but contemporary tulip vase lovers can meet their needs in most department stores. 

A real treasure

This unique tulip vase with seven layers of Delft blue on a pedestal really is spectacular. This vase was the Netherlands’ royal gift during the state visit to the United Arab Emirates in 2012. It cost nearly 14,000 euro - but that does buy you quite a vase. 

To display on a lovely vintage tablecloth 

If you want the rich feeling of a remarkable vase for a remarkable flower but don’t want to have to sell your house and live in a cardboard box to fund it, this tulip vase has space for 6 single tulips.  

Die schönsten Tulpenvasen

Hello there!

This cheerful vase from Pip Studio turns even the most depressing day of the year into a party. Stick a couple of cheerful yellow tulips in it, your day will be perfect and it doesn’t cost the earth.

Let the tulips do the talking

The peacefulness of this white coral vase allows room for a noisy display. Brilliant colours and mad shapes can do the talking. The Pols Potten coral vase is happy to provide the backdrop. 

Old design, new style

As the name suggests, Delft blue comes from Delft! Royal Blue Delft brings a new style to classic blue tulip vases. A hint of the old and a touch of new. We are particularly taken with this one, but you can see the whole collection here. 


Of course you can always buy a second, third or even fourth-hand vase, eBay is full of them! Some are horrifically ugly, but maybe that actually adds to their appeal.