Blue tulips to beat the Blue Monday dip

Together you can cope with everything
Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

The third Monday in January has been declared the most depressing day of the year. Thanks to the unfortunate combination of empty post-Christmas wallets, extra kilos on the scales, failed resolutions and frostbitten toes. Can we just crawl under the duvet and feel sorry for ourselves today? But there’s also a different approach: if you look on the bright side, things can only get better from now on. We promise! But how to get through this day? By getting hold of a fresh bunch of blue tulips: one for yourself, and one for your best friend who could also do with a pick-me-up. Hello blue beauties, goodbye blues!


You may have noticed that the colour blue is a lot less common in nature than green, red or yellow, for instance. This may be why we often go searching for blue appearances amongst animals and plants. Scarcity is intriguing, isn’t it? Take time to look at things a bit differently. With your eyes half closed, lilac appears a bit blue. And with some imagination and the right light, grey is suddenly an icy colour. Suddenly you see blue all around you: in hydrangeas, thistles, Echeverias and Geranium. And suddenly Blue Monday shines like never before.

Together we’re stronger, aren’t we? Huddling under an umbrella as a couple is much more fun than braving the rain alone, and sharing a box of tissues when you’ve got a streaming cold feels a lot less miserable. The same applies today. Avoid the winter dip and lift your best friend out of depression as well. With a bunch of fresh flowers on the table, a teapot filled with warmth and a focus on your ambitions and dreams for the future, today really will be a great day. We promise!