Bouquet recipe: a richly coloured bouquet for Christmas

Atmospheric floral splendor
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We're proud to present the beautiful Christmas bouquet. It's extra large, to show off just how much we're embracing the Christmas spirit this year. The richness of the flowers, the vibrant colours, and the dramatic composition make this bouquet so incredibly beautiful. It's everything we want for Christmas this year.

Christmas bouquet idea |
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Place the bouquet on the dining table and let the rosehips peep into your champagne glass. Or place it on the mantlepiece in the hallway, and catch its fragrant rose perfume every time you pass by.

You will need

How to make it

Pass on the list of flowers above to your florist and ask them to make up a bouquet for you, or put it together yourself. Choose your largest, most beautiful vase, clean it thoroughly and fill it with water and cut flower food. Cut the stems of the roses to different lengths and arrange them gracefully in the vase. Then decide where you want to use the Phalaenopsis and Lisianthus, cut the stems to the correct length and add them in. Take a few steps back to see if you're happy with overall effect and rearrange if necessary. Fill the remaining space with Eucalyptus populifolia. As a finishing touch, add some rosehip branches.


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