Bouquet recipe: the rose bouquet to give away

One for yourself, one to give away

This month it's time to create two rose bouquets, one for yourself and one to give away.

Bouquet recipe: the rose

You will need

  • Roses in various colours (see below)

  • Viburnum opulus (the berries)

  • Niger opulus (Guelder rose)

  • Senecio

  • Brassica

The rose says what you want to say

So you give one of the two bouquets to yourself, to show some self-love. If you’re not sure who should receive the other bouquet, the rose’s symbolism can help. Hence a red rose stands for love, a pink rose represents happiness and gratitude, a yellow rose means intimate friendship and an orange rose expresses appreciation. Of course you can also mix them up. That means you will not just be presenting them with a bunch of flowers, but also a beautiful message.

Have it made or DIY?

You can take the list of floral ingredients to your florist and ask them to create two bouquets. But if you’re a creative soul and have some time, then try doing it yourself. That makes the bouquets even more personal. We’ll happily explain how to do it.

Share online as well

Of course you can also share flowers online. Show off your rose bouquet on Instagram - don’t forget #howflowersdothat.