Bouquet recipe: still-life with carnations

Back to the Renaissance

Renaissance painters in the 15th and 16th century chose the carnation with love to appear in opulent paintings. A bouquet with these romantic, colourful flowers results in a blooming still-life you can’t stop looking at. 

Bouquet recipe: still-life with carnations

What you need

Let the bouquet do the talking in the still-life that you want to create. Choose a quiet corner with a table and a nice linen tablecloth. The bouquet sits in a classic glass vase, and beside it stands a distinctive graphical display with a single orchid branch. What a picture.

Calm through colour

By not allowing the colours to explode out of the vase too much, you create a calm setting on which your glance can linger. Opt for pastel, white and soft shades. It’s the varied manifestations of the carnation that will enchant the viewer. 

Star of the piece

The carnation can regularly be seen in religious paintings, as a symbol of the Virgin Mary and as a symbol for the suffering of Christ, or featured in engagement scenes. The flower demands the spotlight with its photogenic appearance. It’s up to you to choose the subject of the artwork!