Cream decoration for the queen of the flowers
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Cake Atelier Amsterdam owner Natasja Sadi is no stranger when it comes to the wedding industry. For years she was a couturier at the quirky bridal fashion company Sadi, catering for a broad target group. Now we know her as Cake Atelier Amsterdam and she finds herself in another glittery and glamourous part of the wedding industry; the wedding cake.

In addition to the dress, (and ok, maybe the groom's suit as well), the location, the flowers and the music, there is one more element of your wedding which will be discussed for a long time. The cake! The taste is actually less important than the aesthetics. Is it a plain cake, one with multiple layers or a whopper of a cake? As long as is just a variation with flowers! The cakes of Cake Atelier Amsterdam are characterised by their lifelike sugar flowers. For example, soft pink (peony) roses on a white base on the beautiful cake featured in the Royal Wedding shoot by Vogue Netherlands for

Roses as the radiant centre

It takes place under a rose covered gazebo. There will be kissing, toasting and feasting with a delicious Cake Atelier Amsterdam cake inspired by the same roses as you see all around you. In soft shades of pink, just like the velvet ribbon around the cake knife. Roses are not chosen without reason. As the flower of love, this queen of flowers is a welcome name on the guest list.

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