DIY: Decorating Easter eggs with flowers and plants

And then hiding them carefully, of course

It’s one of the best parts of a classic Easter celebration: painting eggs with children, then hiding and hunting for them. This year we’re replacing the paint with spring flowers and attractive leaves. Let’s decorate some Easter eggs!

Decorating Easter eggs with flowers and plants

You will need:

• Allium
• Fern
• Verona vein
• Narcissus
• Glue (we used Mod Podge)
• Hard-boiled eggs
• Brush

Get to work

Apply a coating of glue to the part of the egg that you want to stick a flower or plant on. Then, carefully place the flower or the leaf on the sticky part. Once it’s in place, brush the flower with some glue so that it’s firmly secured. The Mod Podge glue will become transparent when it’s dry.

Good to know: delicate flowers and leaves are easier to work with and give the best result. Share your results with us on Facebook or Instagram

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