DIY: a layered vase for the finest carnations

A vase for all the senses

You’re bound to have a flowerpot in a kitchen cupboard that you’re not really fond of. Let’s change that! With a bit of paint, felt and some ingenuity you can turn any dreary specimen into a feature. Stick a big bunch of carnations in it, and your new favourite vase is ready to go!

Anjer DIY met bloemenvaas

What you need:    

  • Carnations 
  • Santini chrysanthemums 
  • Watertight pot    
  • Sheet of felt    
  • 2 colours of paint 
  • Stanley knife
  • Scissors 
  • Pins
  • Cutting mat
  • Ruler 
  • Brush

How to make it:

Step 1

Paint the top and bottom part of the pot into different colours.


Step 2

Cut a strip of felt approximately 15 cm wide, depending on the pot size. Wrap the felt around the pot and secure it with pins. You can also use textile glue for this. 

Step 3

Bind the carnations into a sheaf bouquet. Then create a collar around this out of the Santini chrysanthemums. Fill the vase with water and food, and then place the bouquet in it. Your new feature is ready!

Possible variations

You have all sorts of options in terms of paint colour and felt. For example, it’s fun to go for a gradient: two types of paint and felt in the same colour, but lighter each time. Or maybe you’ll opt for primary colours with a motif. Using a colour in three different forms - matt paint, gloss paint and felt - also looks very special. Match your flowers to it to give you a winning combination. Which variation are you going to choose?