DIY: make a springtime tulip wreath

A flower wreath is one of the oldest, simplest and loveliest gestures

Did it start in the secret rose gardens of ancient Persia? With the fragrant jasmine brushes at the foot of the Himalayas? Or was it the daisies in the grass that gave someone the idea to make a flower wreath for a child?

DIY: make a springtime tulip wreath -

Making a flower wreath may be one of the oldest and simplest gestures. It says: I enjoy the beauty of nature. I pay attention to my surroundings. I love. This flower wreath is made of tulips, and you can make it yourself in an afternoon.

You will need

  • Round floral foam to insert the tulips in
  • Tulips in various varieties and colours
  • Scissors/secateurs for trimming the tulips

Get to work

Start by inserting the bottoms of the tulips in the floral foam, so that you have a base. You can start on the inside or outside of the circle - it doesn’t matter. Once you've made your first ring of tulips, take a step back to check your arranging. Are the tulips roughly the same distance from one another, and are the colours well matched? When you’re satisfied with your first ring, gradually work from the inside out (or the other way round, if you started on the other side) until you have filled the entire wreath with tulips.

The wreath is beautiful for welcoming the spring and to hang on your front door, or as a showpiece on the kitchen table.