DIY: Make Your Own Dried Flower Hanging Frame

Learn how to immortalise your very own piece of Spring
Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

As part of our Spring Senses series, we've created a collection of DIY films designed to help you bring a dash of Spring to your own home.

Spring is awash with colour and fragrance that stimulate our senses and leave us bursting at the seams to get outside. In the spirit of the season, we have created a series of short how-to films for inspiration on how you can easily reignite these emotional triggers at home. 

In this instalment, we teamed up with the lovely folks from JamJar Flowers to show you how to create your own dried flower hanging frame. 


  • Blotting paper
  • Flower press (use pre-pressed flowers if this isn't available)
  • Flowers 
  • Blotting paper
  • Hanging frame
  • Organic glue


  1. Choose your flowers. Fine, delicate flowers tend to press very well. Try butterfly raununculus, hellebores, nigella, clematis, or delphiniums
  2. Prep your press layering up the blotted paper onto the flower press. Blotting paper is used to remove moisture from the flowers and flatten them over a period of time
  3. Lightly press the flower face down into the blotting paper. Take another piece of blotting paper and sandwich the flower between the layers. Continue to layer up the press with multiple pieces of blotting paper and screw the flower press tightly, but not too much that the flowers may become damaged
  4. Leave the flower press for 2-4 weeks in a warm dry place. Check the press every few days to ensure the blotting paper hasn’t gotten too moist. If it has, replace the blotting paper with new paper and re-tighten. Be careful with the flower to ensure nothing is damaged. After a while, you may not need to replace the paper as the flower dries out, but keep tightening regularly to make sure they are pressed thoroughly
  5. Once pressed, begin making your composition on the glass of the frame
  6. Lightly apply glue to the back of the flower and stick onto the glass frame
  7. Leave the frame open for 5 minutes for the glue to dry

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