DIY: a playful bouquet with chrysanthemums and cardboard

Let your imagination run wild for a cheerful display

A bunch of chrysanthemums is already a treat for the eye, but the additional of fantastic leaves quickly turns it into a dream bouquet. Get to work with cardboard and the loveliest chrysanthemums for a fantasy bouquet for yourself or for someone very special. 

DIY: a playful bouquet with chrysanthemums and cardboard

What you need:        

  • Pencil and paper 

  • Coloured cardboard

  • Stanley knife and cutting mat

  • Wire

  • String and adhesive tape

  • An attractive bouquet with chrysanthemums in the leading role

How to make it

Step 1

Let your imagination run wild and draw a fantasy leaf on the cartridge paper. Happy? Then cut out the pattern to trace it onto the cardboard. Cut out the shape. 

Step 2

Stick a wire onto one side of the fantasy leaf with tape which is the same colour as the cardboard.    

Step 3

Grab the bouquet, or bind loose flowers into a sheaf bouquet. Finally place the cardboard leaves in the bouquet. Make sure that the cardboard doesn’t touch the water when you place the bouquet in the vase. 

Your fantasy bouquet is ready. This playful arrangement is fun to keep for yourself, but even more fun to give to someone else!