DIY: Romantic chandelier

Bring the Romance 3.0 style trend into your home

Looking for some fresh inspiration for your home? Take a look at our style trends for 2018. There’s a good chance that one of the three styles the we have selected is perfect for you. Roll up your sleeves and get stuck in. With the Romance 3.0 chandelier DIY project, for example.  

DIY Romance 3.0


  • Assorted glassware, old and new

  • Transparent construction adhesive for glass and other materials

  • String

  • Flowers that you find beautiful; we chose tulipscarnations and lilies



Step 1. Glue the glass together using the construction adhesive, and leave to dry as specified in the instructions. As you can see in the picture, we used both an old vase and a goblet. Have fun playing with different shapes!

Step 2. Attach a string from three points to ensure that your structure hangs straight.  Ensure that you make a knot that cannot be pulled apart by gravity. The structure can be heavy, so use strong string.


Step 3. Fill the glass with water and insert the flowers.





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