Exposé #07: En Route

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

Exposé is a series of portraits in which we introduce you to unusual trendsetters who have something to do with flowers and/or plants. This time we present Exposé En Route: a special summer edition recorded in France. It introduces you to three men who are each making the world more colourful and more fragrant in their own way with the aid of flowers and plants.

Brief introduction

We met Noam Levy of The Green Factory in fashionable east Paris. He creates fantastic mini-gardens in glass terrariums, and wants to use these small works of art to bring more greenery into the city’s apartments.

At the heart of the City of Love we met Barnabé Fillion. He studied biology and psychology, is an established international fashion model and is now turning the perfume world upside down with daring flower and plant perfumes.

After two remarkable encounters, we followed our noses to the perfume town of Grasse in order to stimulate our senses beside the fields of flowers. But we had to hurry, because we had a rendezvous in the tough port city of Marseille with no less than Christophe Guinet, le Monsieur Plant. He turns everyday items like a shoe into art using flowers and plants.

Want to find out more about this fascinating men? Watch the video below.