Extravagant Dahlia bouquets

Show them you really mean it

The dahlia symbolises abundance, strength and the message ‘yours forever’. An extravagant message like that requires an extravagant flower.

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All together in a bouquet

This Mexican beauty comes in many different forms from even colours to spots and stripes and from stalk-like to rolled. You don’t even need other flowers for a luxury bouquet, just combine dahlias with dahlias and dahlias!

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Massive dahlia

You can opt for a large bunch with so many flowers that you can hardly lift it, but you can also choose the grande dame dahlia. This massive flower is almost a bouquet on its own. It’s obvious: this dahlia gives you a giant helping of love.


Rather than wrapping a bouquet in tissue, you can also place a single dahlia in a beautiful glass box, and place two rings on it. Then you can create a whole day around it with your beloved and a beautiful dress! For inspiration for a dahlia wedding click here