A fitting and beautiful farewell with chrysanthemums

Funeral flower bursting with symbolism
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Putting together a funeral bouquet is a challenge. A host of emotions flood through you, and all you want is to do justice to the person concerned. If you’re looking for a beautiful flower packed with symbolism that’s suitable for a funeral, you should certainly consider the chrysanthemum. 

Rouwboeket met chrysanten Mooiwatbloemendoen.nl

Loved around the globe

White and yellow chrysanthemums are widely used to say farewell in Asia. This 'golden flower’ is packed with meaning in those countries. In Australia the flower is traditionally given to mothers on Mother’s Day. In New Orleans the flower plays an important role during All Saints Day when they remember the revered dead. 

When words are not enough

The symbolism of chrysanthemum is not yet widely known here, but that doesn’t make it any less beautiful. When words are not enough and you cannot express yourself properly, you can rely on the chrysanthemum for its magnificent message. 

Packed with meaning

We have long been familiar with the chrysanthemum’s meaning of ‘happiness and health’. But the more research you do, the more remarkable meanings you uncover. It’s amazing how many of these interpretations are applicable to the loss of a dear one. We've found the following symbolism for the chrysanthemum: 

  • Lasting friendship

  • Support for family and loved ones

  • Cheering up someone who’s sad

  • Peace and recovery after a long battle

  • Life and rebirth

  • Loyalty and dedication in both a romantic and platonic sense

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