A floral remedy for when you're feeling down

A bouquet to solve every problem

Winter is not the most cheerful and energetic time of the year. It feels dark and cold all day long, and after Christmas it's a bleak, holiday-free wait until the spring. Fortunately, there is a floral remedy to the January and Feburary blues, in the shape of a gorgeous bunch of flowers.




A floral remedy for when you're feeling down


Lay back, and feel those taught muscles unwind. Although it's the start of the year and we're setting projects in motion, we don't always have to be "on": not everything has to be finished today. We have the whole year to see the results of our plans. So stay balanced this winter with a peaceful bouquet filled with calming blues and purples. Anemone, orchid and delphinium, arranged in a vase with a jugful of fresh water, will keep you feeling balanced and your projects in perspective. 




Many of us suffer from SAD — seasonal affective disorder — making it difficult to get all our activities done, when it's dark outside and all we feel like doing is crawling back into bed. To combat the effects of shorter daylight hours, give yourself an energy boost in the form of a shocking red bouquet with rose, carnation, gerbera and tulip. Place this bunch of flowers in a neutral vase to show off its good looks, and top up with fresh water. Tomorrow when the alarm rings, you'll feel ready to start the day.



The blues can drag us down in winter, but we can fight them off with flowers. Bring a big yellow bouquet of cheerful flowers such as tulip, craspedia and calla lily into the house. Such a blast of pure joy instantly produces smiling faces all round. If you do not immediately notice the effect, we advise you to stop and smell the flowers. Take a deep breath, each time you go past, and repeat as often as necessary!