Friendly and uplifting chrysanthemum colours

Large and small flowers for a beautiful bouquet

If you're after a splash of colour to brighten up your home, you could do worse than finding a bouquet of chrysanthemums. Originally available only in yellow, this flower now grows in many surprising shapes and colours. There are flowers with long and spiky petals, others that look like pompoms, and still more that are half-curled and secretive. Some special varieties have stripes, and there are also flowers that grow in two-tone shades. They look delightful mixed and matched together in a bouquet.
Friendly and uplifting chrysanthemum colours -

The symbolism of the chrysanthemum is powerful and beautiful, and for centuries it has played a key role in rituals and displays in China and Japan. Today it feels as if we're very familiar with the blooms – yet look again at the different varieties and you'll quickly rediscover the chrysanthemum's sweet charm. A few stems in well-placed vases around your home will bring life to the space, while the friendly, uplifting colours and soft, round shapes make this flower a perfect supporting ingredient in our Inner Retreat bouquet.

Chrysanthemums for happiness

To reacquaint yourself with chrysanthemum, set aside any pre-established ideas you have about the flower and approach it as you would a friend you'd like reconnect with. Even better, ask a florist to make up a bunch of the blooms and take it round to one of those friends yourself. With so many cheerful colours and shapes, there's a chrysanthemum cut flower for everyone.