How to find out what her favourite flower is

Three tips to know for certain
Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

Dear men, we women think its lovely if you surprise us with a beautiful bouquet from time to time but what one person thinks is beautiful leaves another person cold. Your choice may be bang on target, but you may miss completely. Whatever the case, obviously we’ll still give you a big thank you kiss either way, but it’s still good to know what her favourite flower is, because it makes your gift more meaningful if you don’t just give her any old flower. If you know what her favourite flower is, you’re definitely going to be her hero. If you don’t know, here are some tips to help you find out.

Look it up on the app

Check carefully what she brings home herself regularly. OK, but how do you know what the flowers in the vase are if you’ve got no personal interest in the things? You can probably recognise a rose, but there are many different types of flower. Luckily there’s a technological solution: the Plantifier app. Every flower originates from a plant, so take a photo of the flower, upload it to the app and you’re bound to find it.

Ask the women

 A best friend, mother or sister can be a great source of information. We women know a lot about one another. We like to share our favourite recipes, we wear one another’s clothes and we know each other’s favourite hang-outs. There a good chance that the women around her can at least point you in the right direction. 

Choose on the basis of meaning

If you’re really clueless, don’t worry! You can also make up a lovely bouquet using flowers with a nice symbolism. Our flower guide contains a host of flowers with a description of their symbolic meaning. Consider why you’re giving her the flowers, and choose a flower to match the occasion. We call that floriography. Your florist can probably help you with this too!

A word of reassurance: it’ll be fine anyway. It’s the gesture that counts, and ultimately that’s worth far more.