Must-have: earrnings inspired by sunflower seeds

Nature hangs from your ears

Anyone whose favourite flower is the sunflower can really get their fill right now. Summer is all around us, so the queen of the summer flowers is everywhere. You place them in a vase, use them for crafting, feed them to the birds or hang them from your ears. Pardon..? Your ears?

Must-have: earrnings inspired by sunflower seeds Rocky Luten & James Ransom /

Inspired by nature

Designer Janet Mavec was inspired by sunflower seeds from her own garden. She was intrigued by the tiny things that are usually overlooked or discarded. By casting a single sunflower seed in brass with an antique gold finish, Janet Mavec has stopped the transience of life and captured it in an unusual piece of jewellery. 

For everyday use

The small dangling earrings are perfect for both everyday use and as eveningwear. The antique look lends a bit more pizazz to any outfit. And your radiant smile will definitely contribute to that!

The brass earrings with antique gold finish can be bought here.