A romantic carnation wedding

Flowers lend the finishing touch to the best day of your life

You’re only going to get married once - at least, that’s the theory. So you want to do it right. To make this day as unforgettable and beautiful as your love. Full of warmth, colour and sparks of happiness. Naturally flowers play a big role on this day, but had you specifically thought about carnations yet? This vintage classic is just a sweet and romantic as your love. You can use carnations at your wedding like this. 

Carnation crown for the bride and bridesmaids

Feel like a queen for the day with a carnation crown. Luxuriant locks tumble happily on your shoulders, and the fresh flowers accentuate your beaming face. You wear a white crown, the bridesmaids wear white with red or pink edges. A fantastic boho photo opportunity that you will look back on with pleasure in years to come.  

A finger-licking sweet cake

The wedding cake itself doesn’t need much more if you've decorated it with carnations. On a glass cake stand, the white cake with red and pink carnations begs to be tasted. A finger-licking cake. If you’d like to eat the flowers as well, make sure that you have edible flowers or ask a talented pastry chef for sugar flowers. 

The bridal bouquet and corsages

A couple of powder pink and soft yellow carnations combined with some foliage is all you need for the most photogenic and romantic bridal bouquet. If you’re looking for more body in your bridal bouquet, carnations mix beautifully with chrysanthemums, peonies and delphiniums. And then for your beloved guests: the men pin their carnation corsage to their lapel, the ladies go for the old school corsage on the wrist. Today the flowers are also the jewellery! 

Romantic decoration 

The details make all the difference in the big day. If your wedding is largely taking place outdoors, don’t forget to dress some ‘bare’ spots with flowers. Trees with a bare trunk can be wrapped in a tree trunk bouquet, borders are given an upgrade with chains of carnations that danced merrily in the breeze.The big wedding dinner with your favourite people also needs something extra. Chairs can be furnished with gradient garlands, and you can place small vases with a handful of carnations on the table. Light the candles, and you’re ready for the first toast. 

Name cards on a bed of carnations

Maybe your wedding is so big that your guests are assigned a table. Or you want to distribute named goody bags. You can do both on a beautiful wooden table, of course. But how fabulous does it look if the name cards are floating on a cloud of pink carnations? Perfect for setting the romantic tone.