Spring Flowers Guide

Essential flowers for the season of bloom

After a long and dull winter, it’s time to welcome the warmer air and the first official month of spring and what better way to do this than with vibrant, bright flowers to lift your moods.

We’ve created the ultimate guide to spring flowers, helping you know what to ask your florist for, whether you’re choosing your Mother’s Day gift or injecting sunshine and colour to your own home, we’ve got you covered!


Die Ranunkel - tollwasblumenmachen.deSpring deserves to be celebrated, so why not go for a bold look with the ranunculus, or buttercup as it’s more commonly known. The vibrant flowers appear at the start of spring and range in colour from soft pinks, white and yellow to fiery oranges and reds. Combine these fantastically colourful flowers and why not create a handmade floral comb so you’re ready to welcome in spring! Or, if you’re looking for a new way to brighten up your home the ranunculus is the key flower in a DIY floral chandelier? The choice is yours.


One of the most iconic of spring flowers - if you can see these beauties growing then you know spring is officially underway, announcing the season with its bright yellow trumpets. There’s more to these traditional blooms than you might think though, legend has it when Narkissos, a hot young man found in Greek mythology, was murdered the first daffodil emerged, growing on the spot of his demise and taking on his incredible beauty.


When the first rays of spring sunshine have arrived, agapanthus joins the other spring flowers in a fantastic spring bouquet. The agapanthus is known to be the ‘flower of love’ and its flowers appear to explode like fireworks – a true and cheerful celebration of spring.


Spring Flower Guide funnyhowflowersdothat.co.ukThe iris is named after the rainbow goddess in Greek mythology and refers to the wide variety of colours found among the iris flower. It’s a mysterious flower, especially known for its beautiful shades of blue – a rare colour in natural bouquets.


Solidago, meaning Goldernrod, is a bright yellow flower full of energy that makes a statement in any spring bouquet. The golden colours of the solidago reflect rays of sunshine and they are sure to lift and brighten any space. Use some solidagos as the focus of a dreamcatcher to let them lift your spirits while you sleep.


As soon as you smell their perfume you know its spring. With their fresh and bright colours they’ll be sure to push any thoughts of winter out of your home and head. The hyacinth is also the flower of the sun god Apollo, what better reason to include them in your life as the days start getting longer!