Sunflower bouquet recipe

Celebrate the queen of the summer flowers

The windows are open, you’re wandering barefoot through the house and a happy tune echoes in your mind. It’s a day to enjoy. Share your good mood with the rest of the house with a yellow bouquet. Obviously the starring role is set aside for the queen of summer flowers: the sunflower.


What you need:

As you head to the florist, you’re a man or woman on a mission: to gather as many yellow and orange flowers as possible for a bright yellow bouquet. Sunflowers, check! Now just the three Gs for a golden-yellow edge: gladioli, gerberas and gloriosa. It’s going to be very cheerful. 

Always looks good

You can’t really go wrong with such beautiful flowers in the same shades. Hand-tie them, or just stick them in the vase randomly. The trick is to maintain good height differences and give all the flowers a place of honour. Then all you have to do is just enjoy the end result. 

Yellow is infectious

Even if your good mood isn’t infectious, the yellow bouquet certainly will be. The colour yellow makes us energetic and cheerful. So it won’t be long before your family or housemates are dancing around the room with you.