A tidy home that smells of flowers

Sort out your condo like Marie Kondo

It’s no surprise that when spring arrives we start to get an itch. You want to tidy up, declutter, clean and throw open the balcony doors. Make room for a new season, a clean slate and even new life. The big spring clean is a regular fixture on the calendar. And what feels fresher and cleaner than a fresh bouquet bursting with spring flowers on the table?

A tidy home that smells of flowers Funnyhowflowersdothat.co.uk

Marie Kondo knows what to do

Over the past year everyone has been going mad about tidying guru Marie Kondo. You buy the book and a big roll of binbags, and then organise the rest of your stuff. A table that doesn’t make you happy? Get rid of it! A wardrobe where you can’t see what you own? This is how to fold your clothes. A drawer bursting with junk? Then you should invest in the fabulous organiser boxes that we see from many Scandinavian makers.

A lovely incentive

We all know that you need to make a mess in order to tidy up. Amidst the bundles of clothing, unused kitchen utensils and shoeboxes full of dusty trainers it’s easy to lose your motivation. What have I started? So give yourself an incentive. When you’ve got rid of the last binbag, head off to the florist for an extravagant bouquet.

Bring on spring!

Flowers in the house make you happy. They make a house a home. An empty table becomes a feature. Bare and chilly becomes minimalist and cosy. In the spirit of the big spring clean, you might opt for an airy bouquet with one or maybe a maximum of two colours in the palette. Beautiful long stems of your favourite flowers, mixed with branches for an early Easter feeling. And then put your feet up and look around at the result of your tidying mania. Enjoy it - you've earned it!