Bouquet recipe: chrysanthemum in the starring role

Cheerful lead soloist in good company
Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

Flowers like the chrysanthemum can work perfectly well as a mono bouquet. In a single colour or variety of shades they spread delight from the vase. And if you place a dozen other flowers alongside it, the familiar smile will still stand out. Just take a look at this bouquet recipe! 

Bouquet with chrysanthemum

What you need

This bouquet makes you think of a freshly-made bed, a zesty perfume and putting on your new favourite outfit. Everyday luxury that makes life just that little bit better. A bouquet like this is bursting with colour, shape and emotion!

Chrysanthemum steals the show

The chrysanthemum is a classic amongst flowers. It has a loyal fan base, and still steals hearts. It does the same in this bouquet. Even alongside the distinctive calla and the upfront ilex, the chrysanthemum still managed to draw all the attention. What a flirt!

Colourful carry-on in the bedroom

With so many different flowers, things soon turn into a colourful carry-on. But then again - why not? In the calm your bedroom, this bouquet gives you the push to leap out of bed. Or lie there a little longer and allow the chrysanthemum to bring a smile to your face. Then you’re guaranteed to get out of bed on the right side!