Bouquet recipe: Ludus, for playful love

Get your flirt on for Valentine’s Day
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A light and fun feeling, that's Ludus. We're all in need of that love that makes you feel cheery, seductive and slightly coy. Pay tribute to Ludus with our lively bouquet.

Bouquet recipe: Ludus, for playful love

Ludus: playful love

Experiencing Ludus means having butterflies in your stomach and that fluttering heart rate – it’s the undeniable flirtation at the beginning of a relationship. Full of wit and whimsy, Ludas is also the fun you can have with a friend, it’s positive, fruitful and healthy! 

The Ludus bouquet

Lively gloriosa, sparkling Freesia and wild Kangaroo's paw: this bouquet is fun-loving. The playful energy of this display is enhanced by varying lengths of the florals, and it’s palette of yellow, orange and red - a fusion for this flirty display. 

What you need

How to make it

You can do this one at home – start by cutting the three flower types, gloriosa, freesia and kangaroo paw, to different heights, this creates the exciting flared effect. Place the flowers in a clean vase filled with water and flower food. Et voila!

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