Bouquet recipe: you’ve never seen roses like this before

A classic beauty in a jaunty bouquet jacket

Is the rose one of your favourites too? We quite understand. This classic beauty makes everything lovelier with its velvet petals, sweet fragrance and charming appearance. Why not try making a different sort of bouquet with roses than you’re accustomed to? A jaunty bouquet bursting with colour. 

Bouquet with roses

You will need

Select your favourite type of rose and hand-tie it into a bouquet with other beautiful old familiars like the chrysanthemum, viburnum and ilex. Let the leaves and flowers stick out playfully to make the bouquet even more unique. 

Roses at any time

Giving roses sometimes feels a bit emotionally charged. She’s called the Queen of the Flowers, or even the flower of love. But what if you mainly just find her very beautiful? With the right colour - check the symbolism in the flower guide - and combined with other flowers the rose doesn’t feel half as emotionally charged any more. 

Mix it up!

Tired of looking at the bouquet after a few days? Would you prefer to have flowers all over the house? This bouquet is very suited to being divided into a couple of smaller bouquets. You can place a rose with two or three other stems in small vases, jars or bottles with a shallow layer of water. Every room in the house will look like it’s had a makeover!