Exposé #15: Mary Lennox

We are proud to present Exposé, a series of portraits in which we introduce you to remarkable trend-setting people involved with flowers and/or plants. In issue #15 we focus our attention on Mary Lennox, run by 'flower stylist, botanical set designer and consultant' Ruby Barber in Berlin.

What started in Sydney as an ‘I enjoy going to the flower market’ hobby has grown into an innovative Berlin studio where Ruby and her partner Olivia work with flowers and plants - in stunning arrangements for their Berlin customers, but also to dress events and photoshoots for clients such as Lufthansa, Mercedes Benz and Mini Cooper. A great job that brings them all over the world.

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The floral life of Mary Lennox

Ruby and Olivia’s life is literally all roses. They get up early in order to discover the most remarkable flowers at markets, but also directly from growers. Then they get to work with them in the studio, with a mixture of 'modern, classic, unexpected' styles. Our interview with Ruby Barber will tell you what her days are like, how she developed a blooming and growing business and what she thinks about flowers and plants.